The Unread Shelf: June 2018

Earlier this year, there was an unread shelf challenge going around either Instagram or the blogging world, and I don’t remember where I caught onto it. It didn’t take with me because I kept buying books.

One day recently, I was rearranging my massive TBR stack, and my Hubby said, “Maybe you shouldn’t buy any more books until you have those read.”  I was surprised, but I realized that it was a sane approach to limit my book buying somewhat until I finish some of the books I have not read.

This month, I did totally the opposite, considering that I had made this resolution. I have bought a lot of books, partially because I buy big at my local library’s used book sale every three months. I also pre-ordered several books that come out later this year and early next year. In fact, I went so crazy at a library book sale that I’ve made it impossible to track this month’s purchases.  I’ll begin tracking purchases as well as books read and donated in July.

Current Month’s Purchases Actually Read:

Read from my Shelves from prior months:


Books Purchased: Unknown

Books Read: 20

Books Gifted/Donated: 8

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