Notable Bookish Articles

Battle Over Books is a fascinating look at how books get on the list for the various Battle of the Books competitions that schools hold. In particular, this article looks at the new trend for transgender fiction for elementary-school ages, which I personally find a little concerning considering that most third and fourth graders have not had sex-ed yet (and I would say that about any book concerned with sex, etc. for that age group). This article also touches on library acquisitions for school libraries, which is another topic I find quite interesting.

As for the book Georgewhich is the book in question on the Battle of the Books list, I found this review (from Redeemed Reader) called Transgender Confusion to be helpful. George actually sounds like it could be an enjoyable read, depending on what review you read, and I would be inclined to allow my eighth grader to read it if he were interested, but certainly not my third grader. (Also, once again, it’s distressing that people are identified by gender as if that is the whole sum of their souls and identity.)

However you censor your children’t books, however, you cannot censor your children’s books for too many years. Sometimes the safest place to explore an idea or ponder a theory is through a book that you read.  That’s the thrust of the argument behind I Don’t Censor the Books My Children Read. I Think They’ll Be Stronger for It. I only lightly censor my children’s books to begin with, but their comes a time when you have to quit censoring altogether. My older two are close to that time if the truth be told.

Changing the topic a little bit, I really enjoyed reading the article 17 Secrets of Audiobook Narrators. I have thought more than once that performing audiobooks sounds like a really neat career, so it was fun to hear about it.  Most of the audiobooks I listen too are actually with the children, and we’re listening through the books in A Series of Unfortunate Events right now.  We’ve actually made it to The Carnivorous Carnival, so we only have a few more books in this storybook world. Tim Curry is excellent as the narrator for this series, so if you haven’t read/listened to them, you should really check it out.

If you’re looking for non-fiction reads, Goodreads posted a list of 24 of the Year’s Highest-Rated Nonfiction (So Far). These are “fan approved” I guess you would say.  I only own one on the list, and I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.

I started this list of articles a couple of months ago and never came back to it.  Busyness got me, you might say. I am back to the draft this morning, and decided to publish, but before I did,  I wanted to add this list of Americana books that I saw for the Fourth of July. It’s actually also one of those lists where I haven’t read any of the books on it.  What can I say? So many books, so little time.

3 thoughts on “Notable Bookish Articles”

  1. Glad you found Redeemed Reader and thanks for linking back to us. I did want to clarify our name, though: we are not “Reformed Reader” but “Redeemed Reader.” Just wanted to clear up any confusion!

    I agree about Tim Curry being an excellent narrator for the Series Of Unfortunate Events!


    1. Oops! Sorry about that. I went back and corrected it. . . Perhaps it’s because I originally found you through Tim Challies blog that I made that mistake 😉


      1. Ooh, love Tim Challies! And the name Reformed Reader might fit most of our staff, but … ;-). Thanks for correcting it!


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