My Week in Books

This week I flew through some books.  I’m only taking one class this half of summer, and the workload is pretty light in it. Plus, I’m sitting through a bunch of back-to-back music lessons and Tae Kwon Do lessons that give me a lot of opportunity to do some fun reading 🙂

Last week I spent an entire day reading a book that I could not put down.  I didn’t finish it until Sunday afternoon, and I’ve felt a little bit of withdrawal from that author’s magical world all week.  As to the book, Spinning Silver, it’s an excellent twist on the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale, and a fantasy that stands up in its own right as an excellent book. Emalee has requested that I allow her to read it, and I’ve told her it’s quite long, at 480 pages, but it’s appropriate for her given her love of fantasy.

Speaking of our love of fantasy, the children and I finished reading The Blue Fairy Book this week. It’s our second of the colored fairy books, and we moved immediately into reading The Green Fairy Book. The Blue Fairy Book is a great place to start if you’re interested in the fairy tale books because so many of the familiar fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast, Hansel and Gretel and Puss in Boots are in this one. (We also read the Red Fairy Book a few months ago although it is a mystery to me why I decided to start with it instead of the first book!)  One of my bucket list reading goals is to read all of the colored fairy books, so we’re two down and ten more to go!

Spinning Silver was my Book of the Month pick, but it wasn’t my only book in the box.  I got two others and read both of them this week.  The first was The Summer Wives. This was an interesting historical novel that takes place in New England in the first half of the 20th century.  There’s a murder, a mystery, a romance and a whole cast of interesting characters.  Loved the characters and enjoyed the story.

The other BOTM book I read this week was Ghosted.  Ghosted is a new to me term, describing when someone you love disappears without explanation. It’s not a new to me feeling though, so I was very interested in this book.  It’s a slow start, and I had difficulty getting into it.  Eventually, it picks up and is a good story, but fails a little on execution.

The children and I also finished The Penultimate Peril on audible this week. This was an amazing entry in the Series of Unfortunate Events, the perfect denouement to the action. The questions about morality and the difference between good and evil raised in this volume makes it a perfect post-modern novel.  It really deserves its own post.  I’m thinking I might write specifically about the series when we finish the last book in a couple of weeks.

I finished a book called Running Scared I’ve been reading for a couple of weeks. I found it helpful with my anxiety and worry, However, it’s a bit repetitive towards the end, probably where he’s stretching it into a 30 day reflection/program.

Another book that helped me some with my anxiety this week was Sophie Kinsella’s Finding Audrey. It helped me to think about how it gets when I sink into my own self-focus, and it reminded me to be brave. This is also a great YA pick, as I laughed at the Mom’s interaction with her video-game obsessed son and the quirkiness of Audrey’s family.  I really felt like Emalee might could relate, so I’m passing it along to her.

Another book I read with an eye at passing along to Emalee was Dumplin’. In this book, a fat young lady is struggling with her best friend and romance, and she decides to enter a local beauty contest. It’s a really fun read, and I raced through it.  I ended up feeling like it was a little too old for Emalee.  It’s perhaps more of a high school read than a middle school one.

So, I ended up finishing eight books this week.  I’ve been struggling with being behind my self-imposed Goodreads goal, and over the past two weeks, I’ve managed to pop ahead a little.  I find that very exciting.  Some of the books I’ve mentioned in this update will be books I eventually review.  This week, however, the plan is write some thoughts on The Perfect Sister and The Book of Essie, so I’ll be popping in with those reviews soon.

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