My Week in Books

I’ve really been blowing through some reading material in June and July, but I felt like it came to a screeching halt this week because I only actually read three books, and my graduate school work really piled on.  I’ve got a couple of big projects due for the class I’m taking right now over the next couple of weeks, and after that my fall classes will be starting. I’m going to be a full time student this fall, so some professional reading will take center state in most likelihood.

This week, I read two fiction books and one non-fiction book of the self-help variety.

the last time i lied The Last Time I Lied – – Riley Sager

I flew through this book in two days. It’s a tale of a young woman who was the lone survivor in her cabin at camp when her three cabinmates when missing. Fifteen years later, she’s back at the same cabin in the same camp attempting to figure out what happened to her friends.

This one is a psychological thriller, and I stayed up Sunday night finishing it because I was worried that I might have bad dreams if I went to  bed without finishing the last fifty pages of the book. It’s a fun and entertaining tale, even if it has a few logical holes.

puddin Puddin’ – – Julie Murphy

This is a new YA release. I had bought it and the companion book Dumplin’ on a kindle deal at the end of July, thinking from the description that Emalee might enjoy them, but ended up being glad I decided to preview them because they’re still a little too adult for Emalee.

In this one, there are two girls, one an overweight unpopular girl, and the other a very popular school dance team member. Through an unfortunate set of circumstances, they are thrown together in such a way that they really begin to get to know each other. As they do, friendship blossoms.  It’s a really sweet and warm story for the most part. I like the developing friendships and everything, only Emalee is not ready for the sex talk and some of the diverse opinions in the book. They’ll be books she’ll enjoy in high school.

As for me, I really enjoyed them.  I wouldn’t say loved it, but I liked this book a whole lot.

spiritual sobriety Spiritual Sobriety – – Elizabeth Esther

I read Esther’s powerful memoir Girl at the End of the World a while back and I wanted to hear more of Esther’s story, so I purchased this follow-up book. While Esther does write pieces of her life after her escape from the ultra fundamentalist group she grew up in, this book is in many ways more of a how-to recovery book.

I’ve been recovering from toxic spirituality myself over the past year, and didn’t realize how much I needed this book. It was refreshing like a cup of cold water on a hot day. While I’ve been recovering somewhat, I have found that recovery is often a three steps forward, two steps back kind of thing, and her picture of what recovery looks like is healing and hopeful for me.  It makes me feel like I’m not so horrible when I have a bad week or a month.

Spiritual Sobriety means to me that I haven’t had a panic attack in almost six months. However, just reading this article today almost triggered an attack and reminded me how much further I have to go. I also can’t stop the bad dreams, the nighttime teeth grinding, etc. even when I’m maintaining a control over myself.

Anyway, I’ve come far and have much further to go. Esther’s book has a marking in it at almost every page, so I found it very, very helpful, and I look forward to going back and transferring quotes from it into my commonplace book soon.


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