The Unread Shelf: July 2018

This month, I purchased  a few kindle deals and a couple of commentaries for a research paper, but nothing really of note. I also purchased a book or two for the kids, mostly the next books in series that they are reading. Whatever the reason, I did not actually read anything that I purchased (beyond the sections I needed of the commentaries).  I’m not going to put my spending amount down this month because the commentaries super inflated the numbers. I also got my textbooks for fall semester, so it just wasn’t a good month to start tracking.

Read from my shelves:

Books Read from this month’s purchases:

Number of Books Read: 23

Number of Books Donated/Given Away: 7

I don’t think I did half bad.  Eight of the books that I read this month were purchased prior to 2018.  More of my unread books from prior years though were kindle books than  physical books.  The newer books that I read (except Dumplin’ and Puddin’) were all physical books. Either way, I read a lot of books, and I’m feeling pretty good about my progress.

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