Notable Bookish Articles

These are some articles that I’ve read recently that I’ve thought about as a reader:

First up, we have 20 Immigrant Stories to Read This Fourth of July. It’s yet another list of books that I have not read a single book on, but there are several on this list I want to read.  I find that reading is one of the quickest ways to expand both my knowledge of those different from me and to develop compassion for those who are different, so I was excited to find some immigrant stories to read. After all, immigration is a huge hot-button political issue right now, so I might as well read about immigrants, right?

Then, I found I Made a List of Everything I’ve Read This Year and It Changed My Perspective Entirely. It really resonated with me on the level of how much my reading life has changed over the past few years. I used to be very genre focused in my reading, looking for romantic books and vampire/supernatural type novels as my main reads. Then, for a while, I was super religious and read almost all Christian living and nonfiction books. I considered fiction to be a waste of time. As my children grew old enough to become readers and I read good fiction books to them, I found myself wanting to read good, high-quality fiction for myself, and so the fiction started creeping back in. This year, I’ve been in graduate school (actually seminary, if you’re interesting in what kind of graduate school), and because of the more technical nature of my graduate school reads, almost all my personal reading has been fiction or memoir. And I am enjoying my balance of reading right now.

I also loved reading There is Always Time to Read because not having time is one of the things that I often hear used as an excuse not to read.  Everyone has the time, but sometimes we don’t realize what some of those times could be.  My big time for reading is often while my children are in their sports or music classes. Sometimes I don’t even go into the parent viewing area, but I stay in my car with my book so I can concentrate better on what I’m reading.

Right along with the idea that there is always time to read is the article “It Doesn’t Have to Be Tolstoy or Joyce”. This article examines the idea that you do have time to read, and you can even read the great classics if you’re patient enough to realize that the little reading time you’re putting into them adds up.  I’m reading Middlemarch right now, which is an 800 page classic. It’s something that I would not always have tackled because the language is more difficult than in the new releases and it’s very long. However, I have realized that if I devote just a little time each day to it, I find myself absorbed in a story that I had never realized was so much fun to read.

That’s all for now.  I’ll be back to talk about my week in books tomorrow.

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