My Week in Books

This week, my reading life ran into my graduate school life, and the resounding crash has been quite unpleasant. I have read and read and read out of multiple books, but haven’t actually finished much of anything.

Before I started reading some of my graduate school books, however, I did finish one personal book this week. The children and I also finished a book that we were listening to in the car, so I’ve finished a total of two books this week.

who thought this was a good idea The only book I’ve read personally this week is Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?: And Other Questions You Should Have Answers to When You Work in the White House. Mastromonaco was President Obama’s deputy chief of staff for several years, and in fact worked for him several years, including time as a campaign scheduler and as congressional staff. Her story was interesting and I could see young, ambitious women finding it empowering. I personally, was mostly reading it for the “on the job” anecdotes and found it disappointing because she doesn’t spill as many details about her actual days or the White House as I’d hoped.  The stories she does tell about her job are fascinating, but I think I’d have preferred a straight memoir to the advice/self-help one she has sprinkled throughout.

11387515 The other book I finished this week was Wonder. The children and I have been listening to it in the car, and we really like the audio version of this book.  The kids say it’s a five star book, but I struggled to find it realistic because I felt it had a slight Pollyanna-eqsue feel to it. I really struggle to believe that August would have made such an easy transition to school and would have had such a good attitude.  We also watched the movie once we finished the book, and the kids enjoyed using the movie to share our audio experience with their dad.

That’s all my finished reading for this week. I do feel like I should mention that Wonder was book #135 of the year for me, I’m technically on pace for 200, but I don’t think that pace will hold up much longer.

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