My Week in Books (2/17/19 -2/23/19)

This is a very unusual week for me right now as I only finished two books. I do blame it a little on the fact that one of them was over 700 pages and very densely written.  Still, here are the books:

the little duke The Little Duke by Charlotte M. Yonge. This was a history read-aloud with my children. This is a novel of the childhood of Richard the Fearless, the great-grandfather of William the Conqueror. I loved Yonge’s focus on this little known period of history, as Richard was one of the Normans bridging the transition between the vikings who settled in Normandy being Danish and being French. Richard is also a very moral virtuous character, exemplifying mercy and grace towards both his friends and his foes.

However, this was a struggle as a read-aloud. The language is not welcoming to children, at least perhaps 21st century children, and while my children have enjoyed a great number of classics, this was not one of their favorites. Their dislike came more from the way the story was written than the actual story itself as Richard is a worthy and courageous protagonist. (Book 33 of 2019)

fire and blood Fire and Blood by George R.R. Martin. I would have preferred the next Fire and Ice book, but it was so good to be in the land of Westeros again with this fake history. It reads like a history book, but kind of like a good, gossipy journal of a history book. So entertaining! This book begins with the conquest of the seven kingdoms by Aegon Targaryen, and follows about 125-150 years of history detailing the lives, loves and intrigues of the various houses of Westeros, with the focus on the Targaryen rulers.

I loved every minute of this 700+ page book, and I look forward to a sequel (or the Winds of Winter), hopefully soon. My children were a little shocked because it’s rare for it to take me a week or longer to get through the book, but the writing is really dense, and with the nature of the “history,” it was a much longer read than an average book.  Did I say I’m hoping for a sequel soon though? (Book 34 of 2019)

So, what did you read this week? Are you a fan of Fire and Ice?

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