A New Waffle Maker

Yesterday, Gamestop was having a big pro membership sale. It wasn’t a great sale according to my husband, who enjoys playing video games as one of his hobbies. However, they had a couple of things of note, and we ended up bringing home a Pokemon poke ball waffle maker.  I have wanted a waffle iron that made round waffles, and even though these aren’t as thick as Belgian waffles (which is probably for the best), they have a very pleasing round shape. The kids also love that they are shaped like a poke ball.


Having the waffle maker brings a food into my home that I haven’t made in quite some time. For years, in an attempt to watch my carbs, I have banned bread, waffles, pasta, and muffins from our home. It has been a futile attempt and I have watched myself continue to gain weight due to my achilles heel of fast food.

The waffle maker may seem like a small thing. However, for me it is huge because it marks my attempt to gauge my eating more by eating more vegetables and looking at my general calorie count than in attempting to abide by a diet made up of foods that I cannot eat. It also means that I am attempting to actually cook foods that my family actually likes instead of experimenting with things they hate.

There will be more salads than sandwiches in our house. Also, there will be more grilled chicken and veggies than creamy pasta dishes and cheesy bread. However, my relationship with food is not balanced, and it is time for me to bring balance back into our life and our home. . . and maybe stay out of McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A’s drive thrus most days.

As far as the picture goes, Emalee is the one who decided we needed both bananas and chocolate chips for our inaugural family waffle night. I could also only eat half a waffle, and I felt content. I also felt that I had fed my family well and that went a long way to food peace for today.

I think I really realized when I read The Elephant in the Room earlier this year how unbalanced my relationship with food is. I read and watched him constantly sabotaging his own efforts to eat well by following up a healthy dinner with a covert trip to Wendys. It made me think about how often I sabotage my own efforts. If I don’t make a perfectly healthy dinner, or have time to make one, I find myself settling for a five dollar box at Taco Bell. That is the crux of my struggle with my weight. I far too often settle for what is convenient because, if I don’t have time to cook perfectly, I wonder why bother.

So, I’m diligently coming along, still pondering the things that mess me up and the places where my relationship with food is broken. I’m trying to settle for good enough, even if that means a salad bar dinner most evenings (because between tae kwon do and church many of my evenings are spoken for). Still, grilled cheese sandwiches and even waffles should also find their places in our food lives.  Both are better for me than a Whopper and fries or my beloved fried Chick-fil-A nuggets and soup.

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