Notable Articles

I have another crop of articles that I have either found thought provoking or helpful that I wanted to share, and hopefully, you will find something to help you here too.

The first article that I’ve been reading is Why Men Like Me Shouldn’t Be Pastors. I really struggle with how many people think they’re qualified for leadership, but don’t make the biblical standards. This quote from the article really says it all:

Nothing is more commonsense to me than the idea that very few men are qualified to be overseers, and that the ones who aren’t qualified should be able to have a hearty confidence in the leadership of the men who are.

The article Let Children Get Bored Again is kind of preaching to the choir over here. I have seen my children’s struggle to fill their minds and their lives when they do not have screens as a crutch to lean upon, and I find it quite disturbing. I have also seen how our penchant for entertainment has really driven even our ministry practices in working with kids and teens. It’s probably an inevitable trend, but it’s not a healthy one.

On a lighter note. Sometimes, I really just want to read a good romance novel, but find that many of the books classified as romances are not what I am expecting. I know what I expect out of one, and Romance Novels, Defined hits the nail on the head perfectly. She also shows examples of some popular books that have been mentioned as romances (but aren’t) and why they don’t fit the definition.

I admit that I am an advocate for reading books. I believe this article that says that reading will make you nicer and more empathetic. After all, reading both fiction and non-fiction have helped me to understand the ideas and views of others and to see that we’re not that far apart. The emotional experience of reading fiction is often far more powerful than any essay or nonfiction book that you can read.

I also spent way too much time this weekend reading the 50 Best One-Star Amazon Reviews of Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury. It’s actually a Faulkner novel I haven’t read because of it’s fearsome reputation, but now it’s on my TBR.  Also, some of these reviews and their responses are comedy gold.

I’ve been interested in all the articles stemming from some of the latest Barna research. This one, called Millennials, Evangelism, and Whatever Happened to Hell? examines some commentators ideas as to why Millennials are slow to evangelize. I think the speculation is interesting, and I think many of us who are turned off by evangelism are actually turned off by the argumentative, ugly conversations that many of us were taught in church are “true evangelism.” No one wins in those conversations.

I also found myself drawn completely into the article Pearl Harbor was not the Worst Thing to Happen to the U.S. on December 7, 1941. There’s a whole world of American history I know very little about. I found this fascinating, especially the “greater United States” map that Immerwahr includes.

This list of 52 books for 52 places is so fun that I decided that i had to print it off as a new and different kind of TBR list. As it happens, even though many of these are classics (and modern classics), I have only read two on the list.  How many have you read?

I could have used this article on How to Stop Overthinking Everything before I let all my negative thoughts and worries from this week keep me until three am one night this week. I swear that, if overthinking or brooding over a problem were a competition, I could find myself winning it.

The kids and I watched this video on people who took pop culture way too seriously today. Ya’ll, people are crazy sometimes!! It was kind of fun to get to laugh at the crazy ways people respond to their games, movies, books, and merchandise.

I’ve also been reading about religious language. The words that we use to describe God and religion are becoming a small obsession of mine. One of the articles that I found myself reading in relation to that is the article Is “God” a Trigger Word?. I have often pondered both the positive and negative connotations of words that we barricade our faith with, but it’s the first time that I really thought about how “God” in itself can be a barrier for many people.

That’s all for today.  I’ll share more articles soon!!

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