What I Read This Week

This week, the middle week of June has not been a bad reading week. I have been reading almost exclusively from books I own on my Kindle and in hardcopy. However, my library opened for the first time this week since mid-March, and I got several books from there, so a couple of them might appear on next week’s list.

and then there were none

I started off my week with a very quick read. When the list for the Great American Read books came out a couple of years ago, I realized that there were a lot of them that I haven’t read. One of those was the mystery And Then There Were None. I was kind of surprised about it because I’ve read several famous Agatha Christie books, but just not this one.

In this book, ten people have been invited or hired to come to Soldier Island. All ten, unbeknownst to each other, have secrets they are hiding. They are all, in one way or another, responsible for the death of another person. These secrets are brought to life by some unknown entity, and then the people begin dying.

There are suspicions. There is drama. There is paranoia. There is a sense of encroaching dread that covers the whole story. The deaths are very well planned out too, with the manner of death coinciding with the verses of a nursery rhyme.

I figured out the murderer about halfway through the book, but I was completely befuddled as to the method until it was explained at the very end. I will also be recommending this one to my teenagers as I think they both (especially my fifteen year old son) would enjoy the fast pacing of this one.


Zoey and Miles are both ghostwriters. They work for rival dating companies where clients can hire “ghostwriters” to help them talk to potential matches and hopefully score a meet-up and a new relationship. In real life, Zoey and Miles barely know each other but have an intense dislike for each other. As ghostwriters, when they find themselves working for clients who are attracted to each other, they find themselves falling into a playful banter and more than a little bit of attraction.

This was a cute new romance. Zoey and Miles are both lovable characters and all the secondary characters have their own pizzaz and sparkle. I admit the world of dating apps and ghostwriters made me feel a little old at times, but my sister just married a man she met through a dating app, so I have no doubt that this is an effective way to find true love.

I found that this book was a little bit of a slow starter for me. It took me about 50-75 pages before I got totally wrapped up in the story. If it had been a library book and not one that I bought, I would probably have given up on it before I made it through to the part where Zoey and Miles truly start to connect. They both have a lot of baggage to work through and there’s a lot of set up with their baggage and their progressional lives in the first third of the book.

There’s also a lot of humor in the book, and I had hoped that it might be a good match for my teenage daughter. However, there’s a smoking hot, open-door love scene toward the end of the book that rules it out for her as she is a younger teenager.


Well, those are the books for this week. I’ve really stalled out some with my reading in the latter half of the week, so I’m hoping to gain a little bit of traction with the new library books. I’ve found myself reading 20 pages of this 50 pages of that and not finishing anything else.

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