Articles I Enjoyed

I’m back with a few more articles that I enjoyed enough to want to share.

History Lessons for Donald Trump after his Fourth of July Speech

My teens and I have been reading about the American Revolution this summer. So, it was incredibly fun to read this article with the things that President Trump got wrong in his Fourth of July speech last year. I’m saving the article to share with my teens. It’ll make them feel good to know they have a better grasp of the Revolution than he does.

Reading and the Coronavirus Pandemic

I will admit that I have struggled to concentrate since the Coronavirus pandemic began back in March. My reading life has really slid since then. Articles like this actually make me happy as I realize that I’m not the only one struggling. The author also gives some tips to try to help jumpstart your reading life.

What Frederick Douglass Had to Say About Monuments

Because of all the monuments coming down, I’ve been kind of following the whole conversation on social media. I really liked this article about the Emancipation Monument (one of the monuments caught up in the battle) and heartily agree with Douglass.

I’m Not Hateful, You Are

I love this article so much that I’ve read it multiple times. I have long felt that people are not as divided or as far apart as they think they are, and David French provides some beautiful graphs, numbers, and prose discussing how the perception of difference far exceeds the actual differences between conservatives and liberals.

What’s Really Orwellian About Our Global Black Lives Matter Moment

I didn’t realize how much of his writing was an interaction with his feelings about policing. I also didn’t realize that Orwell had a background as a policeman. Now I’m moving 1984 back up my TBR again.  I admit that Animal Farm is the only one of his books that I’ve actually read.


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