What I Read This Week

This week I have focused my fictional reading entirely on Inspector Gamache, trying to get caught up with the series. I bought the entire series last year, and got fatigued about halfway through. I started picking them up again a couple of months ago, and I’m on a real Gamache streak! I finished one Gamache novel and am so close to finishing a second one this weekend!

glass houses

In Glass Houses, Inspector Gamache has become the head of the entire Surete du Quebec. The story begins in the courtroom, recounting happenings in Three Pines and shifts back and forth from present to past telling a story of both murder and drug cartels.

The shifting timeline makes this one a little confusing to follow at times, but it is still a wonderful book. I enjoyed the plotting and storyline, and I did not figure the mystery out until over 3/4 of the way through. I really feel like Penny has hit her stride with the series and stories keep getting better and better.

rediscipling the white church

In Rediscipling the White Church, Swanson proposes that racial injustice stems from disordered affections. We have been discipled to have unconscious biases and these biases show where our heart is tainted with racial prejudice. First, the church needs to realize and understand this prejudice. Then, the church needs to redisciple its people to value racial justice and to make strides in being a more multicultural and unified body.

Reading about social justice is outside my comfort zone, so I have been reading this book for weeks. I would read a chapter, go think about it a while, and then come back to the book. This was a timely read, as I started reading it before George Floyd’s murder and the resulting civil unrest, and I emerged from it feeling a little overwhelmed by the work there is for the white church to do. The church has made strides, but really not nearly enough. I also have a whole new slate of book recommendations I received through this book. Many of them were on sale on Kindle during the time of the protests, so I acquired them and have a new library of social justice books to read. I want to learn more so that I can do better and so I can teach my children to do better.

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