What I Read This Week

This week I have been in the midst of five or six books all at the same time.  So many books to read and so little time! I did finish two books and really enjoyed both of them.  Here are the books:

little women

Little Women is a classic novel of four sisters–Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. They have very different personalities, but they share a love for each other and a basic virtue that is endearing. They often have their stumbles, but they are able to draw on the love that their mother and father (as well as the others around them) have for them to help them right themselves again.

My children and I have been listening to an audiobook version of this book at a pace of about 2-3 chapters per week.  It’s a really enjoyable pace, and I found myself savoring this re-read. While it’s a little more heavy-handed morally than I remember it being, that does not take away from its charm. All four of my children also really liked it (boys and girls–teens and tweens), so I know it’s a winner.

china rich girlfriend

China Rich Girlfriend is the second book in the Crazy Rich Asians series. It continues Nick and Rachel’s story as they prepare to get married and as Rachel discovers and meets her biological father. Astrid’s story is also continued as she has returned to her marriage, but it hasn’t made her nearly as happy as she hoped. We also get to see Kitty Pong trying to fit into Chinese society on the heels of her marriage to Bernard Tai.  When Rachel meets her father, her half-brother and his girlfriend are also introduced, and part of the fun of the book is following their exploits. After all, Colette Bing is not just “crazy rich,” she’s “China rich.”

This is a fun and very over-the-top look at Asian culture through the eyes of its richest members. It’s interesting to see the dynamics between outsiders and insiders, the jockeying for position, and how difficult it is for Rachel, as an American born Chinese person to truly become a part of her father’s family.

When I finished this book, I immediately picked up the third book in the series and began reading it. I’m already enjoying and surprised by some of the plot twists as I go through it.

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