October TBR

Thought I’d just take a quick peek at some of the books I have planned to read in October. I am trying to be a little more intentional in my reading so that I actually make my way through the books I own and break the cycle of continually wanting more.

The first place where I’m getting my TBR from is from reading challenges that I signed up for.

An Enchanted World

This month, I’m doing a challenge called “An Enchanted Word.” It comes from the Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge Group, and this challenge has ten prompts based on various celebrations around the world that occur in the month of October. I’m going to list each prompt, and then I’m going to write some of the books I’ve pulled off my bookshelves or downloaded from my Kindle cloud to read along with the prompt.


For this prompt, we’re allowed to read a book set in Central Europe, a book with a funfair/carnival, or with an enchanted castle/haunted house. Some of my possibilities are:

  • People of the Book–Geraldine Brooks
  • Saint Peter’s Fair–Ellis Peters
  • The Book of Speculation–Erika Syler
  • The Enchanted Castle–E. Nesbit
  • The Haunting of Hill House–Shirley Jackson


For this prompt, we need to choose a book set in Southeast Asia or with a masked/cursed character:

  • The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down–Anne Fadiman
  • Daring and the Duke–Sarah MacLean (Completed 10/1/2020)
  • Homegoing–Yaa Gyasi


This prompt needs a book set in the Middle East or featuring a magical potion or creature:

  • The Beekeeper of Aleppo–Christy Lefteri
  • Storm Front–Jim Butcher
  • The Golem and the Jinni–Helene Wecker

Mid-Autumn Festival:

For this prompt, readers should read a book set in East Asia, with a full moon on the cover or about werewolves/vampires:

  • Memoirs of a Geisha–Arthur Golden
  • Full Moon–Jim Butcher
  • Bitten–Kelly Armstrong
  • Fevre Dream–George R.R. Martin

Indigenous Peoples’ Day:

For this prompt, read a book written by an indigenous author and/or featuring indigenous people:

  • Sabrina and Corina–Kali Fajardo-Anstine
  • Killers of the Flower Moon–David Grann


This prompt calls for reading a book set in Africa or the Caribbean or written by an African or Caribbean author:

  • Born a Crime–Trevor Noah
  • Next Year in Havana–Chanel Cleeton
  • Things Fall Apart–Chinua Achebe
  • Pride–Ibi Zoboi


For this prompt, readers should read a book set in South Asia or featuring a Battle of Good Over Evil:

  • Interpreter of Maladies–Jhumpa Lahini
  • The Genesis of Good and Evil–Mark S. Smith

National Magic Week:

For this prompt, a book that has any kind of magic or enchanted setting will work:

  • Practical Magic–Alice Hoffman
  • Every Heart a Doorway–Seanan McGuire


This prompt requires either a book set in a Celtic country or a book that includes a bonfire:

  • 500 Miles From You–Jenny Colgan (completed 10/1/2020)
  • Into the Wild–Jon Krakauer

Dia de los Muertos:

In this prompt, readers should read a book set in Latin America or by a Latin American Author:

  • The House of Spirits–Isabel Allende
  • Love in the Time of Cholera–Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Serial Slayers

In this challenge, you are reading books in a series. However, none of the books that are first books in a series can be counted.  Here are my possibilities for that reading challenge:

  • Saint Peter’s Fair–Ellis Peters (Cadfael #4)
  • Daring and the Duke–Sarah MacLean (Bareknuckle Bastards #3) (Completed 10/1/2020)
  • Full Moon–Jim Butcher (Dresden #2)
  • 500 Miles From You–Jenny Colgan (Scottish Bookshop #3) (Completed 10/1/2020)


Of course, I’ll never read all these books in October. After all, I generally read at a pace of 15-16 books per month. However, these give me some good possibilities for reading. I also have a few books from the library that I don’t have here, as well as some just random books from my bookshelf I might find myself in the mood to read. No matter what, I think October is going to be a good reading month.

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