Assigned a Mate

Content Warning: This book contains explicit content as an erotic romance with some elements of BDSM, etc. If this type of reading content offends you, you might want to just skip this post.

Eva Daily has witnessed a murder. It was a payback murder; a mafia murder. The local assigned a mateprosecutors do not feel they can keep Eva safe, so she enters the Interstellar Brides program.  The prosecutors will bring her back to Earth when it’s time for her to testify. After a quite invasive matching process, Eva is matched with Tark, a High Councilor on the planet Trion. On this planet, women are expected to submit to their husbands in every way, especially in the bedroom. Otherwise, they’re facing a painful and embarrassing spanking. Of course, as often happens in books like this, before we know what’s happening, Eva is naked, bound, and begging for more from Tark.

Soon she finds herself falling for this strong male, but there’s a problem. This mating was only supposed to be temporary. After all, soon she must go back to Earth to testify in the murder case she witnessed.

I noticed . . .

The first and biggest thing I noticed was the sex. After all, it starts from the first page, and especially in the first half of the book is pretty unrelenting. Despite this, at times the scenes are very similar to each other, except maybe some different vibrating toys, is it’s not imaginative as many of the novels I have read, even ones that were less explicit in their sex scenes.

I also noticed that this is a series of over twenty books. I decided fairly quickly that I’m going to go back and attempt to read these books in the author suggested chronological order. I found myself interested in the story and in the world around the story. These are fast fun reads, and if you don’t take them too seriously,

I wondered . . . 

I wonder more about the world and why these men are so dominant. I wonder what it is like to be a woman growing up in that culture. There’s a point in the book where Tark basically says that a daughter could inherit his high position as well as a son, but I have a hard time seeing it in a culture where women have to wear thin, nightgown-like clothing and be protected from being claimed by other men. I think I want to read a couple more in this series and decide what’s in the author’s head before I can figure how this world/universe is structured.

It Reminds Me Of . . . 

This book reminds me of the Ly-San-Ter books. These books were a trilogy of Johnanna Lindsey novels that I bought the first two of when I was a teenager and loved. In fact, the Ly-San-Ter books were some of my first romances, and so I kind of liked how familiar Goodwin’s book was to those. Although Goodwin used a lot more sex toys than Lindsey did, and Goodwin’s books are heavier on sex than Lindsey’s are.

And of course, you can’t help but think of mail order brides when you think of the whole bride matching program in this book. I’ve actually never read a mail order bride book that I can recall. That’s a missing element to my romance reading that I might should rectify.

4 thoughts on “Assigned a Mate”

  1. […] I noticed that this book was  full on science-fiction romance with different worlds, space missions, and a political structure. There’s a very interesting storyline. I wasn’t expecting that much depth after reading the very erotic, low on storyline Assigned a Mate. […]


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