Written in the Stars

Right at the end of November, I started seeing reviews of this romantic comedy all over written in the starsInstagram. Reviews called it an ode to Pride and Prejudice and to Bridget Jones’ Diary.  This sapphic romance begins with a disastrous blind date. Darcy Lowell, an actuary, and Elle Jones, an astrologer, do not hit it off at all. In fact, Elle leaves the date without even informing Darcy that’s she’s leaving.

The wrinkle? Darcy’s brother Brandon is one who set them up, and Darcy is so tired of Brandon attempting to set her up. Instead of being truthful, she tells Brandon that they hit it off and then has to convince Elle to play along. Will they be found out? Or, will true love bloom?

I noticed . . .

Even though this book pays homage to both Pride and Prejudice  and Bridget Jones’ Diary, a reader should not expect a retelling of either story. I found that a little disappointing because I am a sucker for Pride and Prejudice retellings. 

I also noticed how straight I am. There were some open-door, seriously hot sex scenes in the book, and they did nothing for me. I had never truly thought of myself as “straight” before, so that was kind of a revelation.

I also noticed Darcy’s sweet brother. I saw there’s going to be another book in this series that tells his romance story, and I am looking forward to it. In fact, I preordered it from Amazon since I’m so excited about Brandon, and I enjoyed his relationship with his sister Darcy so much.

I also noticed that this book takes place at Christmas time. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a Christmas novel, but there is a Thanksgiving dinner involved and a Christmas party as part of their fake-dating agreement.

I wondered . . .

I wondered if there would also be a book for Elle’s best friend, Margot. She was a fun character that I would like to see more of as well.

I also wondered why so many romances i have read this year have characters struggling for approval from their parents. Is no parent happy with their child and what he/she is doing for their career? This secondary plot device is quite honestly beginning to wear on e a little bit lately.

It Reminded Me Of . . .

One of the books it reminded me of was Lucy Parker’s Act Like It. I read it back in May, and it is also a fake dating trope that includes “scheduled” appearances together as part of the dating trope. Also, the chemistry between the characters was pretty intense in the same way this book is.

I also read another book with fake dating this month (review to come!) called A Wedding for Christmas. This one may have the same trope, but it has a completely different tone and feel to it.

Two perfect quotes . . .

There were two quotes that I had to put in my commonplace book as I read. They were both about being seen and loved for yourself. I think that’s something everyone craves, but not everyone feels like they get. Here’s the first one:

Elle loved herself, but what a feeling it must be, being loved by someone else exactly as you are, quirks and warts and all. She wouldn’t know.

The second quote was about something I had never thought of before. What would you say the opposite of lonely was. I pondered that after reading the quote, but ended up agreeing with the author. I couldn’t find any true opposites.

There was no word that existed in the English language that meant the opposite of lonely. Some came closer than others, but nothing did justice to the feeling of someone looking into your eyes and connecting with you on a soul-deep level.

So, have you read this book? Do you know a word for the opposite of lonely? If so leave it here for me so my curiosity will be assuaged! 

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