The Hating Game

the hating gameLucy is an executive assistant. She works directly for the co-CEO of B&G Publishing. B&G Publishing is a new company, created from the merger of two struggling publishing houses.

The two co-CEOs hate each other. Lucy’s counterpart, Joshua Templeton, executive assistant to the other co-CEO is smug, arrogant, and disdainful. Lucy and Joshua spend most of their days sitting across from each other serving their respective CEOs. Lucy hates Joshua, and she and Joshua have games where they constantly torture each other.

Changes are happening in their company though. A new job has opened up. It could mean a big promotion for either Lucy or Joshua, and this possible promotion creates a shift in the dynamics of Lucy and Joshua’s relationship, a shift Lucy didn’t see coming. As their relationship changes, Lucy still hates Joshua, doesn’t she?

I noticed . . .

I read this book a few days after listening to a Fated Mates podcast on the book. So, after being guided by their discussion, I really noticed the terse tone, the present tense writing, and the ever widening world of the novel.  Their discussion really aided my appreciation for the book.

I also noticed that this book is burning hot, even though there’s not a lot of tension in it. Thorne ramps up the tension over and over again, making the novel burn in the interactions between Lucy and Josh.

I wondered . . .

I wondered what happened to Josh and Lucy after the end of the novel. I would like some confirmation that they were okay. I would love to see a follow-up with like their trip to her home to visit her parents or something like that. Romance novels so often provide too much closure, but this one provides very little by way of closure. I wondered if her other book has any reference to Lucy and Josh in it or if it’s set in a completely different setting.

It reminded me of . . .

I thought I didn’t like the rivals-to-lovers trope, so I didn’t think I would have read something for it to remind me of. I did realized though that I had read several rivals-to-lovers trope books this year. I’m going to jot them down in a separate post, but I especially want to recommend both Tweet Cute and Sweet on You for the same snappy back-and-forth as The Hating Game.

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