Breath on Embers

I know I’ve waited until two weeks after Christmas to post a week of Christmas themed book breath on embersreviews. That’s me though. Never good timing with my blog. This is the last of the Christmas themed romances that I read this year, so I won’t mention Christmas again on the blog for a little while.

Thea’s husband died almost two years ago, and she’s just existing. She’s moved to New York City, listens to loud metal music in earbuds, and has lots of meaningless sex with Ronan to dull the pain.

There’s a problem though. Ronan has caught feelings. He’s also pretty sure that, if Thea is honest with herself, she’d admit that she’s caught feelings too. He wants to force Thea to admit her feelings, even as he goes through some increasingly extreme measures to draw the admission out of her.

I noticed . . .

I noticed Calhoun’s skill as a writer. This is full scale erotica, but this is something more as well. This is an emotionally rich and varied story, which just also happens to have a great deal of explicitly open door sex (including menage). It’s beautifully written.

I also noticed the depictions of Thea’s grief. Calhoun taps into how much harder the second year is after we’ve lost someone than the first is. People expect us to move on, but our hearts aren’t always healed yet. Thea’s beginning to heal, but she isn’t there yet.

I also loved the costume play in this book. Thinking about this book had me looking for Valentine’s clothes to wear for my hubby. I love sexy costumes!

I wondered . . .

I wondered about Ronan’s relationship with his firefighter friend after his friend participates in the menage. That seems like something that would change a friendship, and I think I would have liked to have seen the ramifications.

I also would have liked to see how their dating lives changed after Thea admitted her feelings. It would have been nice to have seen an epilogue with them where Thea is decorating the tree, where they visit his parents together, or where Thea realizes she doesn’t need her metal music anymore.

It reminded me of . . .

This one reminded me, of course, of The Naughty List, which I reviewed earlier this week, as both are Christmas themed erotica.

I was also kind of reminded of the movie Return to Me. It’s the first movie I ever watched that really showed a grieving spouse and that spouse falling in love again. There was hope at the end of Return to Me, and we see the same glimmers of hope (albeit in the beginning stage) for Thea by the end of this book.

This was the perfect book for me to end my Christmas romance reading on. Sweet on You and Breath on Embers are both perfect romance books, and were a great way to end my Christmas reading on. I definitely recommend both for your holiday reads next year.

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