Help is On the Way

help is on the wayIn this entry of Mindy Kaling’s Nothing Like I Imagined series, Mindy is pregnant. She imagines herself doing this mom job all on her own. After all, how hard could it be?

A dear friend, who is also a mom, recommends that the hire a baby nurse to help ease her transition to motherhood. After all, motherhood is harder than Mindy can imagine.

Mindy ends up hiring Rose, an Indian grandmother, months in advance of the big day. Rose takes care of the baby, and become a surrogate mom for Mindy as she helps give Mindy advice to help her get the hang of parenting.

I noticed . . .

I noticed that Rose really fulfilled a need for Mindy that was beyond physical care of her daughter. Mindy’s mom had passed away before Mindy had children, and so there was no one to ask all the questions about motherhood that Mindy had. It’s hard for a woman to have a baby without some strong support, like you might get from your mother, so Rose is the person Mindy went to for that support.

I thought this one was really funny and relatable. Mindy has so many worries about parenting, and these are worries that I shared too when I was a first time mother.

I wondered . . .

I wondered more about Rose and Mindy’s relationship. I wondered if Rose came back and nursed for Mindy’s second child. I also wondered if Mindy still looks to Rose for advice, and if she still feels that strong connection with Rose.

It reminded me of . . .

I was reminded of the episode of Friends where Pheobe and Monica are giving Rachel her baby shower. Rachel realizes that she knows nothing about parenting, and her mother is there to be surprised of how little she knows and to offer to help.

I was also reminded of Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions. Anne, like Kelly was a single mom, and didn’t know much about babies when her son was born. Unfortunately, Anne doesn’t have a baby nurse, but she still picks it up, along with so many other lessons, as she goes along.

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