Searching for Coach Taylor

After reading the Nothing Like I Expected essay on Mindy becoming a mother, I decided thasearching for coach taylort the next essay I should read was the essay where Mindy discusses her feelings about being a single mom. This includes the awkwardness that she feels when she’s surrounded by married couples in places like toddler birthday parties.

Mindy discusses where she got her models of what husbands and fathers looked like. These were, of course, TV shows, usually American sitcoms. She follows this by discussing why she thinks Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights is the ideal husband.

She finishes by making a pros and cons list on having a husband–a list that had me occasionally smiling in agreement.

I noticed. . .

I noticed that, while this whole essay is about husbands, Mindy never really discusses specifically why she doesn’t have one. My nosiness would have probably liked a different essay, maybe one called “Why I Didn’t Marry My Baby Daddy” instead.

I also noticed that her essay makes it sound like Kit’s father is not in her life. I’m assuming he’s not involved from the details that she shares, but an essay about how she co-parents (if applicable) would also have been interesting.

I wondered . . .

I wondered why our conceptions of husbands always come out Al  Bundy or Homer Simpson when we think of television husbands. There are some really good husbands on TV, like Jim from The Office, Chandler from Friends, or Eric on 7th Heaven. Do we prefer to look at the negatives to the positives?

It reminded me of . . .

There were so many things that it reminded me of. Here’s a sample:

I was reminded of All Adults Here because one of the main characters was going to be a single mom, as she was pregnant from choosing sperm from a sperm bank.

I was reminded of Oona Out of Order because Oona chooses to have a child, knowing that this child will not have a father in its life.

I was reminded of Other People’s Houses because there were several different types of husbands on there.

I was reminded of Big Little Lies because of the contrast of all the “normal” women with husbands and the single mom.

I was reminded of both The Almost Sisters and Ties That Tether because both of these women accidentally get pregnant and embrace the idea of single motherhood.

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