Once Upon a Time in Silver Lake

one upon a time in silverlakeOnce Upon a Time in Silver Lake is an entry into Nothing Like I Imagined that doesn’t seem to fit. Instead of reflecting on a concept and giving an example, Once Upon a Time in Silver Lake has more of a party anecdote type of feel.

This is an odd tale about an experience that Mindy has with her best friend B.J. Mindy is eight months pregnant with her daughter Kit, and LA is surviving a terribly hot fall. B.J. convinces her to get out an go to a Thai place in Silver Lake. As they drive, B.J. tells Mindy about a Charles Manson podcast he has been listening to.

When they get out of the car, they encounter a drifter. That’s when the story gets a little weird. . .

I noticed . . .

I noticed how casual the drifter was about getting caught and what he was doing. Mindy tells it funny, but it’s really quite shocking.

I also noticed that the restaurant Mindy and B.J. went to wasn’t keeping it’s posted hours. I hate when little restaurants don’t do that. It actually makes me less likely to go back there. That’s one of my pet peeves.

I wondered . . .

I wondered if it was really as hot in LA that fall as Monday is describing.  After all, Mindy might have just felt that way because she was pregnant. I was hot and sweaty, even in December, when I was pregnant, so I have my doubts.

Also wondered if the discussion of Charles Manson influenced how they felt about the drifter and how they dealt with him.

I also wondered how different this story might have played out if Mindy had been alone. That seems like a completely different situation.

It reminded me of . . .

I was reminded of Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered. This book gives women tips for staying out of the kind of trouble that could get them raped or killed. This story just has the hint of that kind of a situation in it, and so I couldn’t help but think of that.

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