Big Shot

Is $2000 too much to pay for someone’s meal? No. Not when you’re trying to prove that your abig shot successful big shot!

And it feels great when the person is grateful. But, what happens when your generosity goes unacknowledged?

It’s really your response that determines whether or not you’re truly a big shot.

I noticed . . .

I noticed that Kaling admits to often being late to work and missing the casual conversations. That completely squares with her confessed social anxiety in the Please Like Me essay.

Mindy wants to do good things, but she also wants the recognition that comes with doing good things. She craves the endorphins of praise.

I wondered . . .

I wondered the identity of the celebrity who did not thank her. I know that’s pure nosiness, but I can’t help but wonder.

I also wondered how often I do things just for the praise of others. There have been many times when I have done something and gotten upset over who might have gotten more or less credit than I did.

It reminded me of . . .

I was reminded of Mathew 6 from the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus tells people that if they’re praying, fasting, or giving for the praise of men, then they will be rewarded by men rather than the by their Father in heaven.

I was also reminded of My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry. As we learn more and more about the grandmother, we learn more and more about what she (and the other people in her life) did for other people without seeking the praise of others. It’s really quite a beautiful story.

I was also reminded of The Love Story of Missy Carmichael. Missy is a lonely curmudgeon, and as acquaintances begin to notice this, they begin to pour into her life in a way that is so life-giving that I feel like those people are really big shots.

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