The Alien’s Mate

the alien's mateOne of my reading goals this year is to read the Interstellar Brides romance series. Yes, it’s silly at times, and often erotic, but I find the books (so far) to be great fun. The Alien’s Mate is the second book I’ve read in the series, but the first book chronologically, so it’s a great place to start the series.

Here’s the description for this book:

Cassie lives and works at a boarding house in the 1840s. She’s a widow and the proprietor of the boarding house is her father-in-law. She’s wouldn’t call herself happy, but on the whole, she’s content with her life.

Except, lately, she’s been having these wild sexual dreams . . . .

Maddox is on the primitive planet of Earth hunting for his sister’s killer, Neron. Neron and four others have escaped from prison and must be brought to justice.

But, there’s been a complication . ..

Maddox’s mark is burning. This means that his fated mate is nearby on this planet. Maddox visits his mate in her dreams, and now he must find her and claim her for his own. If not, she might become prey for Neron and his crew.

I noticed . . .

I noticed that this book was  full on science-fiction romance with different worlds, space missions, and a political structure. There’s a very interesting storyline. I wasn’t expecting that much depth after reading the very erotic, low on storyline Assigned a Mate.

I also noticed how overwhelmed Cassie is by alien technology. My favorite part? Maddox tells her that she needs to push a button to turn a light on. She’s confused because to her a button is simply something on her dress. Fun!

I wondered . . .

I wondered more about the structure of Maddox’s homeworld. Now that I’ve read two of the books, I realize that both books are set in different worlds. It may take a few books to figure out the differences between the different worlds. 

I think this book would have been improved by flashbacks to Maddox’s life and to his sister’s life. This would have taken the focus off the main romance a little, but I think it would have made for an overall better book.

I also wondered how the young woman who was Theron’s mate knew about mates. I also wondered why she was so determined to run away. I would love it if Goodwin would be inspire to write a novel about Theron and his mate. Alas, there’s not one right now.

It reminded me of . . .

I was, of course, reminded of the dominant male in Assigned a Mate. The books are somehow related, but I haven’t read enough of them to feel confident in explaining how they’re related yet.

I also was reminded of Lilo and Stitch (of all things!). Maddox is on the hunt for an alien prison escapee on Earth. Isn’t that exactly the set up for Lilo and Stitch?

Overall, this is a fun read. If you’re looking for an erotic romance that is more story than sex, this is probably a good one to start with. it’s just fun!

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