99 Percent Mine

Not long ago, I read Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game. I loved it so much that I wanted to 99 percent mineimmediately read everything that Thorne had ever written. Then, I realized that she had only written one other book, and I had it on my Kindle. So, here are my thoughts about Thorne’s other book, 99 Percent Mine:

Darcy Barrett is a mess. She works as a bartender and travels the world looking for her next adventure. Meanwhile, she avoids all emotional commitment.

The reason?

She’s in love with her childhood friend Tom Valeska. It’s a hopeless romance as Tom is engaged to the beautiful Megan. Darcy’s twin brother Jamie is Tom’s best friend, so Tom’s off limits to Darcy, even if he weren’t engaged to Megan. Jame has no desire to share his best friend with Darcy.

Darcy and Jamie inherit a broken-down cottage from their grandmother. As part of the stipulation for their inheritance, their grandmother has mandated that they restore the cottage to its former glory and then sell it.

Darcy and Jamie immediately know that Tom, the owner of a construction company, is the man to complete the renovation. Darcy plan on helping pack the house and then feeding to another country. Unfortunately, She’s misplaced her passport, so she agrees to stay and “help” Tom until her her passport is found or replaced.

I noticed . . .

I noticed so many things, including stress, set off Darcy’s heart problem. She keeps it poorly medicated, and it seems like she’s a ticking time-bomb. She doesn’t want to be treated with care, but she needs that care more than she’s willing to acknowledge.

I also noticed that Jamie loomed large for someone who wasn’t on the page very much. It must be tough to have a brother who is a superlative. It seems to affect both Tom and Darcy to different extents.

I wondered . . .

I wondered where I could find my own underswears. That’s such a cute concept, and I would love to wear swear word underwear!

I also wondered if Truly or Jamie could have their own book. I’d also like that pretty well.

It reminded me of . . .

I was reminded of Intercepted because the hero carries the torch for the heroine long before either he or she is willing to acknowledge it.

I was reminded of Beach Read because the heroine thinks the hero hates her, but he really has a crush on her.

I was reminded of A Rogue of One’s Own because the hero and heroine grew up together and later became lovers. He carries the torch for her as teen, and she doesn’t even realize it!

I was reminded of Daring and the Duke because the hero and heroine were in love with each other as teens. One betrays the other, and the brothers of the betrayed attempt to keep the romance from restarting.

I was also reminded of In a Holidaze because the hero and heroine grew up together. The heroine has an unrequited crush, just like in the set-up of this novel.

One excellent quote . . .

I found Darcy to be a way less sympathetic character than Lucy from The Hating Game. One of the reasons is because Darcy is overly forthright with saying what she thinks. She says it in a way that it is difficult for others to take her seriously. When thinking about her motivations for her speech, she says something that I thought was really telling:

Sometimes its a relief to hide your most honest thoughts right out in plain view.

It makes me cringe, but it is so Darcy.

I really thought this was a good book. It suffers a little in comparison to The Hating Game, but when judged on its own merits it’s a sweet (and sometimes hot) romantic read.

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