The Lost Love Song

Concert pianist Diana has been engaged to Ari for a while, but was has been unwilling to takethe lost love song the final step to marriage.

As Diana begins to contemplate marriage, she sits and begins to write a love song for Ari. She finishes it on concert tour and looks forward to playing it for Ari. Only she never makes it home . . .

Ari’s life has gone quiet as he struggles with his grief.

Far away in Scotland, Evie is feeling the toll of years spent on the road and in meaningless relationships. She thinks she’s ready to come home.

Meanwhile, Diana’s song is spreading from musician to musician trying to make it home to Ari.

I noticed . . .

I noticed the awkward but loving relationship between Ari and his mother-in-law. It’s precious in its own way.

I noticed the push-and-pull of emotions that grief makes Ari feel. One minute he seems normal; the next he’s suffering from excessive guilt for being alive and for feeling emotions. Grief is the very devil.

I noticed the quirkiness of life. The spread of the song is a real force of it’s own and it stems totally feels organic. It’s really kind of beautiful.

I wondered . . . 

I wondered how Ari’s relationship with Belinda will change based on the events of the story.

I wondered what the song actually sounds like. I know it’s based on a fictitious song, but part of me would like to know what it sounded like in the author’s head.

I also wondered about Ari’s family. While he has Belinda to help him, his family doesn’t offer him a bunch of support. He had a family celebration, and his family was present, but they don’t really seem to be a source of support for him.

It reminded me of . . .

This book reminded me of the movie Return to Me. In this movie, we get to see a happy family shattered as the wife dies.  The husband thinks he might never love again, but his heart is more resilient than he imagines.

I was also reminded of the book Breath on Embers. These books are completely different, except Ari and Thea are both grieving. Not just that, but both Ari and Thea are in their second years of grieving. Their families and loved ones expect them to move on, but they’re struggling to move actually move forward with their lives.

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