The Dating Plan

the dating planDaisy Patel is a software engineer for a start-up women’s products company. She has no interest in relationships or the arranged marriage prospects her large Indian family keeps finding for her.

Liam Murphy is a venture capitalist. Growing up in an abusive home, he has a chip on his shoulder and a desire to prove his worth to his father. Unfortunately for him, his father passed away several years ago.

Daisy and Liam had a relationship as teenagers. He stood her up for prom and skipped town, never to be seen again. Daisy’s heart was broken.

Liam is back in San Francisco. However, Daisy doesn’t know this until they run into each other at a convention. Sparks fly between them, especially as Daisy makes the false claim to her Aunt (and other bystanders) that Liam is her fiancee . . .

The truth is that both Liam and Daisy have reasons for pursuing the idea of a fake fiancee. Could they make it work? Could they develop a dating plan and rules to keep their hearts safe while their families think that they’re madly in love?

I noticed . . .

I noted Daisy’s love of Marvel. I am a real Marvel fan too, though I don’t have any Hulk underwear, so I thought this was a nice detail.

I noticed that Liam, even from the beginning, is in love with Daisy–and he knows it.

I noticed that Daisy really flourished as a person through this relationship. She becomes more confident in her work, in work friends, and in her need for loving family relationships. She feels secure in her relationship with Liam, and this really allows Daisy to shine.

I wondered . . .

I wondered how the revelations in this book would affect Sanjay. I would love to see a book from Sanjay’s perspective.

I also wondered how to make pork vindaloo (but not spicy hot!). I’ve been looking up recipes for that and for butter chicken.

I wondered what happened with Liam’s professional life. I felt like that was left hanging up in the air just a little bit.

It reminded me of . . .

I was reminded of Written in the Stars and The Duke and I because the leads in both of these books are cultivating fake relationships specifically to keep others from trying to find them real relationships.

I was also reminded of Searching for Coach Taylor because it occurred to me that Kelly is also Indian-American. I wondered if her family was one that participated in arranged marriages.

I was also reminded of Assigned a Mate because the marriage in that book is an arranged one. Actually, it’s kind of like a mail-order bride book set in space.

This is my favorite romance novel I’ve read so far this year. If you just read one of the romances I’ve talked about in January, this one is the one to read!

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