Don’t Know Much About the 50 States

One of the subjects that we have been covering for school this year is US Geography. Wedon't know much about the 50 states decided to do this as a US state study where we learned about 3-4 new states a week. To organize our study, we used Memoria Press’s States and Captials workbooks, and they recommended Don’t Know Much About the 50 States as a spine for basic information about each state.

This book goes through all fifty states (plus Washington, DC) in alphabetical order. Each state page contains basic information about the state plus two or three fun facts about the state. This makes it a good jumping off place for research.

I noticed . . .

I noticed that so many states have the same state birds. It’s crazy how often they reoccur.

I also noticed that Renee Andriani’s fun illustrations add a bunch of whimsy and information to each page. It’s incredibly engaging for the upper elementary age child.

I wondered . . .

I wondered why Davis puts so much emphasis on listening each state’s motto. The mottos are very curious things, but the actual text of the states’ pages did not usually explain how the state got its motto.

It reminded me of . . .

I was mostly reminded of Homeschool Pops US States videos. We also watched them each day, and found that really helpful.

This was a good study, and this book is just enough information about the states for a nine year old!

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