Mated to the Beast

I’ve been continuing my Interstellar Brides Program reading with the fifth book in the series,mated to the beast Mated to the Beast.

In this book, Sarah Mills has lost two brothers to the Hive. Another brother, Seth, continues to fight the alien menace in deep space.

Sarah promises her dying father that she will bring Seth back to Earth, far away from the Hive Danger. When she goes to the processing center, a mistake is made, and Sarah is processed as a bride. Once Sarah uncovers the mistake, she refuses a bridal match and continues on in her plan to join the coalition army.

Dax is an Atlan Warlord, and like all Atlan men, he has a beast inside. This beast is ready to emerge, whether it is in the heat of battle or in a mating fever. Dax begins to struggle with the beast’s desire to take control, and is matched through the mating program. Unfortunately for him, his mate, Sarah, has refused the match and is on the front lines of the battle with the Hive. Of course, he must have his mate, or risk execution as his beast takes over, so he transports to the heart of the battle to find Sarah.

I noticed . . .

I noticed that this book was far more science-fiction war story than it was romance. There were sexy bits and romance, but that wasn’t the focus.

I noticed that Sarah is still looking for her father’s approval, even though he is dead.

I noticed the camaraderie between Sarah and Seth. I also noticed that her soldiers really respected her. Given how often this series explores themes of dominance and submission, I was kind of surprised by what a good soldier Sarah is.

I also noticed Dax has serious respect for Sarah as both a leader and a soldier. He may be my favorite of the heroes in this series yet.

I wondered . . .

I wondered if Goodwin’s written more about Seth. I really loved him!

I also wandered what life is like on Atlan.

I wondered if the beast, once stated, continues to need care from one’s mate.

It reminded me of . . .

Sarah groaned under her father’s expectations and never seemed to quite meet them. This made me think of the male leads in The Duke and IThe Dating Planand Sweet on You.

I’ve read several books recently with close brother/sister relationships. These include 99 Percent MineWritten in the Stars, and Daring and the Duke.

I also thought about books I’ve read lately where the characters are fighting an overwhelming menace. These include Ring Shout and Devolution.

The books in this series keep getting better and better. This one may be my favorite one so far!

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