Parenting Forward

How do we build a better world?parenting forward

How can we turn our thoughts towards justice, mercy, and inclusion?

The simple answer is through parenting our children to have a sense of social justice, mercy, and kindness.

We parent this way through giving our children a strong sense of their own personhood and by not weighing them down with the authoritarian parenting that we might have been raised with.

Instead of pushing our own will onto our children, we need to deal with our own issues and raise ourselves so that we can relate to our children in the way that we should.

It’s no easy task, but Brandt’s entire premise is that, if we can do just that, the world will be a better place.

I noticed . . .

I noted that Rachel Held Evans wrote the forward on this one. That made me happy and sad all at the same time.

I also noticed that the author is Taiwanese and currently lives in Taiwan. However, she has spent time in the United States, and she references those times throughout her book.

I noticed that Brandt, like me, is an attachment parent.

I noticed that she gives quick primers on racial justice, feminism, LGBTQ+, and pushing back against the urge for consumerism. However, these are handled very broadly, and truly an entire book could be written about parenting with each one of these issues.

I wondered . . .

I wondered how having a transbrother played into her deconstruction.

I wondered what those who were on the missions field with her thought about her deconstruction. I really think I would have liked a memoir almost more than a parenting book.

I wondered why she didn’t truly devote any space to scripture. This is surprising in a parenting book written for Christians. It also caused me to discount her advice as opinion rather than a sound word.

It reminded me of . . .

This book feels like a natural outgrowth of attachment parenting, and she actually references Dr. William Sears. His The Baby Book and other books were my parenting bibles when I was a new parent.

I was also reminded of a parenting book I read a year or two ago called, Parenting with Words of Grace. The author teaches readers how to speak to their children in a grace-filled, uplifting way. Relationship is king for both Brandt, and for the author of this book. If we built up our children instead of damaging them, I think the word would be a better place.

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