Tamed by the Beast

Tiffani is ready for a new life, so she volunteers for the Interstellar Brides Program, and is tamed by the beastmatched to an Atlan warrior. Unfortunately, this warrior is imprisoned and scheduled for execution. Those around the warrior believe that he has lost his sanity to his inner beast and mating fever.

Warlord Dax and his wife, Sarah, conspire to help their friend Deek. They allow Tiffani to transport to Atlan, and sneak her into the Atlan prison, hoping that Deek will recognize Tiffani as a mate and will allow her to soothe his beast.

I noticed . . . 

I noticed that this book is directly related to book five in the Interstellar Brides Program series, Mated to the Beast. Sarah and Dax play a pivotal role in the plot of the book, and that’s really nice and fun.

I also noticed that Goodwin sats up a lot of hints that Dax’s fever is not natural, partially by comparing it to Dax’s fever.

I noticed that the main female love interest is plus-sized. Yay!

I noticed that Tiffani feels bonded to the world. She’s making friends among the residents of the world in a way that has not been common so far in the books of the series.

I noticed that there’s a sense of the larger world here. There’s betrothals, parities, new media, and all kinds of laws and customs at work here. I’m really enjoying the peek into their world.

I wondered . . .

I wondered how Goodwin will continue to expand this world. Some of these books, like this one, are really good.  Others are only so-so. Either way, I’m enjoying them all.

I’m wondering why the beastly Atlans seem so civilized compared to the Vikens and Prillons.

I’m wondering if there are more books that center friendship as well as the man-woman relationship.

I wondered if Goodwin will get less obvious in telegraphing plot points to her readers early. I liked the mystery, but it was pretty obvious.

It reminded me of . . .

I’ve read two books recently with curvy heroines, Spoiler Alert and Sweet on You. 

For relationships that start with sex and then develop relationships, I have recently enjoyed both The Ties that Tether and The Almost Sisters.

For relationships where a main character is betrayed by someone that they’ve trusted, I was reminded of Mated to the Warriors and The Cruelest Month.

And, of course, this is a kind of sequel to Mated to the Beast. You should definitely read Mated to the Beast before you read this one.

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