A Vow So Bold and Deadly

a vow so bold and deadlyThis is the third of the Cursebreakers series. Even though I’m going to try not to give too many spoilers, there are some inevitable ones in doing the setup. Consider this your spoiler warning!




A battle is coming. Emberfall is torn. Many in Emberfall believe that Rhen is the rightful heir to the throne. Others believe that Grey is the rightful heir.

Grey and his beloved, Lia Mara, the queen of Syhl Hollow, have tried to pursue peace with Emberfall, but have been rebuffed in every attempt by Rhen.

Finally, Grey gives Rhen sixty days to pursue peace while both Emberfall and Syhl Hollow prepare for war. Grey and Lia Mara attempt to united Syhl Hollow’s armies. Meanwhile, Rhen withdraws from his advisors and his girlfriend Harper as he prepares for war.

I noticed . . .

I noted that the author tries to be even-handed for both Rhen and Grey, but it’s really hard to redeem Rhen.

Lia Mara struggles wit whole time with a sister relationship as much as with her subjects.

I wondered . . .

I wondered about the anti-magic faction.

I wondered what the lives of the main characters look like going forward.

It reminded me of . . .

I was reminded of the first two books in the series, of course. Start with A Curse so Dark and Lonely.

Harper and Rhen continue to remind me of Beauty and the Beast.

I was also reminded of the dark fairy-tale The Hazel Wood.

The attempt to kill a monster reminds me of The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires.

A force is attempting to drive apart people who love each other. This reminds me of American Demon.

Rhen’s secretiveness reminds me of Marcus’ secret-keeping in Spoiler Alert.

The malevolent magic in this book reminded me of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.

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