Good-Bye, Stacey, Good-Bye

Stacey MicGill’s family is moving back to New York. She’ll be back at her old school with her hold best good-bye stacey good-byefriend, Lanie. There will be opportunities to do many things that Stoneybrook doesn’t offer, and Stacey loves New York.

Moving, however, does come with its downsides. First, her family’s apartment will be less roomy and will have no yard for her to play in. Second, she will miss some of the kids she’s been babysitting for. Third, she’ll have to say good-bye to all her friends in Stoneybrook, including the babysitters club.

I noticed . . .

I noted that this book, unlike many of the books, does not have a “b” story going all. Everything is devoted to Stacey’s move, her yard sale, and her goodbye party.

I also noticed that Stacey is kind of a boring character.

I also noticed that Stacey is ambivalent. She really wants to be both places–Stoneybrook and New York.

I wondered . . .

I wondered how much of a role Stacey will play in future books. I read these books as a child, but other than knowing that we’re not done with Stacey, I don’t remember what happens.

I wondered how Mallory will be as a main character. The next book in the series looks like it’s written from from Mallory’s perspective, so I trust that the answer to this one is a short wait for me.

It reminded me of . . .

I was reminded of Other Peoples’ Houses because it’s another book set in a tight-knit, everyone is in everyone’s business kind of community. Other Peoples’ Houses has more of a Desperate Housewives tone than Baby-Sitters Club.

On that note, Big Little Lies is another close-knit kind of community.

Another book I was reminded of is Not Like the Movies. One of the many things that the main character is dealing with in that book is her best friend getting married and moving away.

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