Surrender to the Cyborgs

surrender to the cyborgsRachel Pierce is a microbiologist for a pharmaceutical company and a whistleblower. Somehow, her whistleblowing has ended up with her convicted of the very crime that she was trying to inform on. She’s just waiting on her appeal to come up, hoping to find herself vindicated.

Rachel’s lawyer convinces her to sign up for bride matching through the Interstellar Brides Program. She finds that she is matched to two Prillon warriors and veterans of the Hive wars. These soldiers are considered damaged by the implants that the Hive implanted within them and are exiled to live on the Colony, a planet far from their home planet.

Rachel decides to refuse her match and place her faith in the US judicial system. Warden Egara gets involved and encourages Rachel’s mate Maxim and his second, Ryston, to break Rachel out of prison.

I noticed . . .

 I noticed that this was another story where more of the story takes place on Earth, and we get to see more of Warden Egara. She’s delightful. I hope that I get to read more about her in some of the other books.

I also noticed that wrongful accusations seem to abound in this series. I really hope that real life police and courts are doing better than the courts in this fictional Earth. Also, I’d like to see a real criminal on earth matched and reformed.

I noticed that Rachel’s scientific abilities make her the perfect person to figure out the Colony’s medical mystery. I enjoyed that she got to use a real talent. That hasn’t really happened in a few books.

I wondered . . .

I wondered if the series will ever feature a second chance for an actual criminal.

I also wondered if mates on the Colony will become more mainstream.

It reminded me of . . .

This book had a lot of similarities with Taken By Her Mates. It even features Jessica and Nial as minor characters, and I love seeing characters who had already been matched.

I was also reminded  of Reliquary because drugs are altering peoples’ physiology in both books. This book is much happier than Reliquary though, and I like that.

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