How to Fight Racism

Many of us are frustrated and disgusted by the racism we see all around us. However, we don’t know how tohow to fight racism turn our sorrow over racism into solidarity in the advancement of Black and other people of color.

Here is where Tisby’s book comes in. He takes a simple model for racial justice–the arc of racial justice–and uses it to explore awareness of, relationships in, and commitments to social justice. As he explores each area, he gives practical solutions that people can commit to for orienting their lives toward social justice.

I noticed . . .

I noticed how practical many of these solutions were. For example, in the chapter on making friends, he suggests that, rather than doing a church softball league, those looking to further racial justice should join a county rec league. He suggests that people attend public events, such as those at the library to interact with more people in your community. Small life changes can reap great rewards.

I wondered . . .

I wondered how many people were really going to read this book and take it to heart. I find the current reactions of the church to be discouraging.

I was reminded of . . .

I was reminded of Rediscipling the White Church, which is possibly the most helpful book I’ve read for Christians who are attempting to change their racial biases.

I was also reminded of Leading Cross-Culturally, a book written to help Christians who are considering mission work in environments that are not their own.

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