His Virgin Mate

Alexis Lopez is twenty-one and single. She’s a virgin and has never done anything more than kissing. Even his virgin matethe kissing has never actually turned her on.

Lexi is worried that she is a freak or something is wrong with her. She decides to sign up for the Interstellar Brides Program to be matched to a mate. The dreams that she has while undergoing the matching protocol are the first time that she has felt desire, and when Lexi actually meets her mate, she feels set on fire . . .

I noticed . . . 

I noticed that this is a planet we haven’t actually been to before. However, we were introduced to Everis in The Alien’s Mate, a book that I read at the beginning of January.

I noticed that women are definitely very highly regarded on this planet. 

I also noticed there is so much emphasis on the “sacred order” of the three virginities in this book. I thought, seriously?

I wondered . . .

I wondered what was going on with Lexi’s friend, Katie. I look forward to reading Katie and Dani’s books.

I also noticed how there were so many unattached men and so few women on this planet. What happened to all the women? I would think there’s be way more women than men because I would think some of the men would have died in the Hive wars.

It reminded me of . . .

I was reminded of The Bachelorette because there were so many men competing for the same dozen or so women.

I was also reminded of Ties that Tether because the main character in this book has a very persistent and unwanted suitor. Lexi has a super persistent suitor that she’s trying to extricate herself from.

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