Claiming His Virgin

claiming his virginHelen has never seen the hunter who enters her dreams. He will only meet with her if she wears a blindfold. All Helen knows about this man is that his dominant ways are a perfect match for her and that his kisses make her burn with desire. Still, she wondered why her mate will not let her see him or give her his name.

Zee has been in the Hive wars, and he carries the scars to prove it. In fact, his scarring is so bad that he’s been known to frighten the women he is sworn to protect in his guard job at the Touchstone. He does not want to repulse his matched mate, so he felt he must hide his face from her–at least until she falls in love with him.

I noticed . . .

I noticed that this is a more tightly woven story than the story in many of the books.

I also noticed that this book was way more BDSM in feeling than some of the other novels. I found it super hot!

I noticed that this has the same group of friends as in His Virgin Mate. That was fun to see!

I wondered . . .

I wondered where Dani’s mate was.

I wondered what was going on with Bryn and Katie.

I wondered if Quinn will get his own book. I really liked him, and thought that he was a great friend for Zee!

It reminded me of . . .

I couldn’t help but think that this novella had strains of Beauty and the Beast in it.

I also, of course, thought of His Virgin Mate. I enjoyed Lexi and the other girls and their appearance in it. I’m not crazy about the whole “sacred order” of the three virginities, but the fun girl friendship more than makes up for that.

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